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Personal Funeral Services in Haywards Heath

Paul Masson Funerals was established in 2010 as a quality, local funeral directors in Haywards Heath. A family-run business, we are known for our professionalism and dedication in providing a superior, personal service to each and every client. If you are recently bereaved and unsure where to begin with making arrangements, or need to plan a specific funeral tailored to a certain faith, culture or personal wish, contact us today. We can support and guide you throughout the process with as much or as little involvement as you wish. 
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Wooden Casket in Haywards Heath


We have a range of products available for you to choose from as you make your funeral arrangements. We have a good selection of coffins, caskets and urns in a range of finishes, colours, designs and price points and can create stone memorials to mark final resting places. We also offer the option to provide beautiful floral arrangements as per your wishes, via our in-house florist. Finally, should you require a simple, efficient and cost effective funeral we offer a basic funeral specification package. Call us for details.

Arranging a Cremation

We can advise you on how to make arrangements for a cremation.
There are a number of different statutory cremation forms that need to be completed and presented to the chosen crematorium in advance of the funeral. Which forms are required is governed by the circumstances surrounding the death and we will advise you regarding this.

Each crematorium can have differing amounts of time allocated for each service. Usually 30, 40 or 45 minutes from the start of one service time until the start of the following service time. It is also possible to book in a double time slot for an additional fee.

If it is intended to have a religious service at the crematorium chapel and a large attendance is expected, sometimes it may make more sense to arrange a service in a church first (or similar religious place of worship) as these places tend to be able to accommodate more people. Most crematorium chapels may seat up to approximately 100 people with any more than that having to stand.

Alternatively, it may be your preference to hold a service in church (or similar religious place of worship) prior to proceeding to a crematorium chapel for a committal service. In this case' we would liase with the relevant parties involved to ensure that there is sufficient time arranged for not only the service in church, but also to allow adequate time to proceed respectfully to the relevant crematorium.

Arranging a Burial

There are a few considerations when planning a burial. It is usual for there to be a service before attending at the burial site, at a church for example, but a simple graveside ceremony is also possible. This is usually better suited to smaller gatherings at funerals.

When the service is arranged elsewhere, we will liaise and co-ordinate the timings with the relevant professionals to ensure that sufficient time is allocated for the service itself and  the travelling time from the place of service to the burial site. We also ensure all burial authority regulations are met on behalf of our clients.

Local Burial Sites include: Haywards Heath Cemetery, Burgess Hill Burial Ground, Clayton Wood, Natural Burial Ground, Cuckfield and Walstead Cemeteries
Personal Funeral Services in Haywards Heath

Funeral Planning

If you would like to arrange a funeral for yourself in readiness for the future, it is possible and is increasingly a preferred route by many as they enter their later years. Reasons for this may be personal, emotional, financial or practical. Regardless of the reason, we at Paul Masson Funerals Ltd can accommodate one of three set plans that we have available or a more personal bespoke plan if required.
Our funeral plans are operated by Ecclesiastical Planning Services Ltd (EPS). Every penny of the full value of the plan (excluding the initial management fee) is held securely in a whole of life assurance policy and ring-fenced to pay for your funeral when the time comes. However if you have just relocated or have a plan arranged with another provider, we can usually accept these subject to their own terms and conditions. Please call us on 01444 410770 to talk to one of our friendly planners for advice and assistance.
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Sometimes a death can occur where the deceased needs to be repatriated to another country for whatever reason. Each Country has differing requirements for this to be achieved. Paul Masson has experience dealing with repatriations to a wide variety of countries around the world and can make arrangements for your relative to be returned home as quickly and as smoothly as possible according
to each individual situation.

It is possible to hold a funeral service in this country prior to repatriation if desired or necessary.

Unfortunately, it does occur where someone has died abroad. This can be while on holiday, on business or after having moved abroad to live. We will liase with the funeral director abroad and any relevant authorities to ensure that person is returned to England, causing you the least amount of stress and worry as possible.

We would always advise that the necessary travel insurance is arranged prior to any journey abroad.

If you need assistance in planning a funeral call us on 01444 410770 today.

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